Sultan Ali Iskander Shah , 3rd Land Deed 1845

This story from the Old Newspaper is on the Deeds now on Sale. It tells of a sale to a Chitty. Read and be amaze .
Now you can own this famous deed too

An Interesting Story About Sultan Ali family issues – From Newspaper Online NLB

About 17 Years ago I took a research for myself to study Land History of Singapore and here are some of my favourite finds . Many of the rare stuff I have sold.

As this is my 30th Year Anniversary of my work on the Sale & Lease of Shophouses , I am sharing my past to all.

AliDeed3 1
AliDeed3 2

AliDeed3 5
AliDeed3 6
AliDeed3 7
AliDeed3 8
AliDeed3 9
AliDeed3 10
AliDeed3 11
AliDeed3 12