Simon Cheong : An Inspiration : Business Times : August 27 1997

Interestingly in 1997 I was in  Guan Seng Kee Pte Ltd.
A company linked to Goldhill Developments.

I work for both Mr Alan Goei & Mr William Goei.

Its was the best years of my life working for them as they focus me mainly on Shophouses in Tanjong Pagar, Emerald Hill, Kim Yam Road & Clive Street.

Working for them also was memorable , I leased Mr Lee Suan Yew’s Bungalow at 8A Bishopsgate

I also did the deal for Mr William Goei’s – 4 Units at Clive Street to Mr Sat Pal Khattar.

It has inspired me to focus on Heritage Assets since 1994 actually.

Well one of the inspiration I had was the deals by Simon Cheong.

Till today he still amazes me with his Midas Touch on Super High End Assets.

After reading about Simon Cheong’s great deal in an article  in 1997.

I wrote to Business Times – Letters to the Editor.


Here is the article on the bottom right hand that they published for me.

Simon Monteiro Article

I met the man in a small office one day in Temasek Tower.

When Mr Simon Cheong was in Temasek Tower, I went to see him without an invite because I found out his office address.
When the door was open I ask if I could see Mr. Simon Cheong, he said he was not in.

I actually remember his face ,it was him but I guess I was cold calling his office.  He maybe too busy to entertain me.

Well as my idol as a deal maker. I am happy that I sold for him 55 Windsor Park. That he will never know as I did co-broke with his agent at that time for 55 Windsor Park. That was a few years back.

Its always great to look at people who inspire you and in real estate he made a great name for himself….